Our Story

Sabrina and Owen met in 2013 at a New Trier Lacrosse party when Sabrina was a sophomore and Owen was a senior. After only a few months of dating, Owen invited Sabrina to North Carolina for their family's annual beach week. 9 years later, Owen proposed at the same beach house they stayed for their first getaway!

Engagement Kiss
Cake Cutting
Coronado Sunset Kiss
San Diego Concert
Aqua Wedding Formal
Botanic Gardens Light Festival
Aqua Pool
San Diego Sunset
San Diego Hike
Kuai Hike
North Carolina Engagement
College Formal
London Ferris Wheel
Steamboat ATV
Coco-head Hike
Steamboat Spring Ski
Madison Bar
New Buffalo
Mykonos Little Italy
Wisconsin Tailgate
Telluride Waterfall
Santorini Village
Balcony Proposal
Beach Ring Pic